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At Desserts-Recipes.com, fresh fruit is the friend of dessert-eaters in a hurry ! Dessert are often an indulgence, deliciously rich concoctions served at the end of a special meal. Yet they can be light and healthy, too, or simple a flavorful filler to round off a mid-weak meal. Remember, when you choose a dessert it must complement the other courses. Desserts-Recipes.com brings to you numerous assortments of dessert recipes from around the world which will help turn your everyday fare into a gourmet delight. Each dessert recipes is a delicious delight which we hope you will enjoy, have fun and share with your family as well as friends.

Flavored sugars are easy to make and are delightful additions to cakes, biscuits and slices. For vanilla sugar, add flour or more vanilla pods to a 500g jar of caster sugar. Stand for a week. Store in a cool dark place. For cinnamon sugar, simply add three sticks of cinnamon to castor sugar. Try cloves, cinnamon or aniseed for a spicy sugar.

Glace is the French word for glazed. It is particularly applied to fruits dipped in heavy sugar syrup which hardens when cold, glace cherries being the most popular. Glace fruit is often confused with crystallized fruit which are small fruits or pieces of fruit that are cooked and soaked in a sugar syrup. After draining and drying, the fruit has a dry sugary coating and is eaten as a sweet or used for decoration. The light and airy sponge cake is an international favorite - in France, they have Genoise sponge, in Italy Pane di Spagence; the English sponge is sandwiched with jam in the centre, while in Australia, sponges are crowned with lashings of fresh whipped cream and fruits. The delicate mixture of a sponge depends on the amount of air you beat into the mixture. Show how 'light-handed' you are with a luscious sponge which positively floats.

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Praline originated in France in the 17th century. Named after its creator, the French Comte De Plessis-Praslin, this delicious sweetmeat of toffee and almond is used to flavor desserts, sauces, ices and fillings.

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