Cendol Adpokat - Brunei Dessert Recipe

Cendol Adpokat - Brunei Dessert Recipes

Ingredients :

100g palm sugar

3 tbsp water

1 avocado (avacado) - (diced)

1 tbsp sago (soaked)

2 tbsp sweet corn in cream

2 tbsp red beans (boiled)

100g cendol

50g red and green jelly cubes

100ml coconut milk

Method :

Melt palm sugar in water. Strain and set aside. Blend avocado and place in a mixing bowl. Add sago, sweet corn, red bean, cendol and jellies. Add boiled palm sugar (to taste) and coconut milk to the ingredients in the mixing bowl. Keep chilled. Serve in tall glasses.

Serves 4

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