Dodol Recipes

Dodol Recipe

Ingredients :

1.8 kg

300 g

3.6 kg



glutinous rice flour

rice flour

palm sugar

coconuts, extract as much milk as possible, separating the thin from the thick

screw pine leaves

Method :

Mix both types of flour with the thin coconut milk and strain into an iron pan. Cook the palm sugar and screw pine leaves with a little bit of water and when it has dissolved pour into the pan. Bring the mixture to boil over a very low flame, stirring continuously. When it is half cooked add the thick coconut milk and continue stirring until cooked. When mixture no longer sticks to the fingers, it is ready to be removed from the fire.

Note - Old Malay folks believe that a pregnant women should not pass a banana leaf over a fire to soften it. They believe that the child might be born with spots like banana leaf.

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