Muruku Recipe

Muruku Recipes

Ingredients :

600g rice flour

330g yellow dhall

70g anchovy

100g live prawns (shrimps)

30g dried prawns

12 dried chilies

4 cloves shallots

5g aniseed

4 tsp turmeric powder

6 tsp salt

200ml concentrated coconut milk

1200ml water (to be used in step 2, 3, 5, 7, 8)

Method :

1. Soak 330g yellow dhall.

2. Boil soaked yellow dhall till soften and let cool. Grind till fine.

3. Boil anchovy, live prawns and dried prawns till boiling. Let cool and grind till fine.

4. Fry 600g rice flour in cooking pan to heat it up so as to make it lighter.

5. Grind soaked chilies with aniseed and shallots.

6. Add mixture of step (2) into those of step (3) and (5).

7. Add 200ml coconut milk, salt, turmeric powder and remaining water into mixture of step (6). Cook under medium heat till it boils.

8. When mixture boils, pour it onto 600g rice flour (step 4). Knead it while hot.

9. Lastly, fill up muruku mould and press it out in round shape. Fry muruku.

10. Muruku ready to be served.

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