Steamed Glutinous Rice (Pulut Kukus) Recipe

Steamed Glutinous Rice (Pulut Kukus) Recipes

Ingredients :

For the dough :

2 cup

1 cup



For the filling :

1 cup

1/2 cup

8 cm


glutinous rice flour

coconut milk, from 1/2 grated coconut

a few drops of green food coloring

a pinch of salt


grated coconut

palm sugar syrup (dissolve 1/2 cup brown sugar)

rounds of greased banana leaves or greased steaming bay

Method :

Mix together all the ingredients for the filling and cook until dry. combine the glutinous four, slat, coconut milk and food coloring thoroughly into a soft dough. Knead well. Divide the dough into 5 cm diameter balls. Flatten each ball and put some filling into the center. Seal and roll back into a ball. Flatten slightly and shape into a heart and place on a greased banana leaf. Make designs on the cakes using a fork or sharp object. Steam until cooked for about 45 minutes.

Serves 6 - 8

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