Taro and Sago Milkshake Dessert Recipe

Taro and Sago Milkshake Desserts Recipes

Ingredients :

10 oz

2 oz

1 cup

5 oz

5 cups

Lai-po taro


fresh milk



Method :
  1. Skin and shred taro.

  2. Steam until cooked.

  3. Whilst hot, knead into puree.

  4. Soak sago for 1 hour, dish up.

  5. Work into suitable amount of hot water and cook until transparent.

  6. Remove sago and rinse to cool . Drain well.

  7. Bring 5 cups of water to the boil.

  8. Add taro puree, sago and sugar.

  9. Simmer until sugar has dissolved.

  10. Fold in milk.

  11. Mix well and serve.

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