Waffle Cakes (Kuih Belanda) Recipes

Waffle Cakes (Kuih Belanda) Recipe

Ingredients :

10 eggs

345g (11 oz) sugar

575g (1.125 lb) plain flour, sifted

1 tsp Chinese five-spice powder

1/3 cup pure coconut oil, or vegetable oil

1.25-1.5 cups water

Method :

Beat eggs lightly, add sugar and beat finely. Blend in flour, five-spice powder and coconut or vegetable oil. Add enough water to form a batter of medium to thin consistency. Stand for at least 5 hours. Stir in very little more water before cooking. Beat for 3 minutes.

Heat a 15cm (6 inch) waffle pan, oil slightly and pour in enough batter to make a 12-15cm (5-6 inch) pancake. Cook over high heat until cakes are golden brown, turning once. Serve hot with butter or cold with honey or jam.

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