Cake Decoration

Cake Decorations

Cake decoration for special occasion cakes is not only a great way to celebrate an important event, but it can also be creative and lots of fun. We show you how to achieve the look you want to suit the occasion using the following cake decoration techniques.

Decorating can be as simple as a quick dust of icing sugar or cocoa. Try sifting icing sugar or cocoa over a lacy paper doily, strips of greaseproof paper or a patterned cardboard stencil. Or you may prefer to finish your cake simply with a brushing of warm melted jam and brandy. Try topping your cake with fresh fruits, such as berries or slices of mango. Sweets, chocolates, nuts, citrus rinds and glace fruits also make quick and effective decorations. Just remember the old rule - keep it simple. You will soon discover that often the cakes that are the least fussed over can look the best.

A drizzle of chocolate or caramel sauce and a spoonful of thick cream can take almost any cake from teatime to dessert. Serve your cake warm with a dollop of custard or thick clotted cream for a truly decadent after-dinner treat.

  1. Chocolate Curls

  2. Chocolate Petals

  3. Chocolate Shapes

  4. Crystallised Flowers

  5. Spun Sugar

  6. Strawberry Topping

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