Chinese Desserts Recipes

Chinese Dessert Recipe

Chinese kitchens don't have ovens, so instead of baking breads, they steam them. Chinese-style steamers are multi-tiered and are made of bamboo or stainless steel. Desserts is rarely served, except for banquets or special occasions. Fresh or canned fruit, such as lychees, tangerine, mangoes or a colorful fruit salad, is an excellent ending to any Chinese meal.

History of Mooncake Festival

  1. Almond Jelly

  2. Apple Filo Strudel

  3. Apple Sultana Filling

  4. Banana Pear Whip

  5. Bantang Water Chestnut Pudding

  6. Bird's Nest with Almond Juice

  7. Cashew Nut Sweet Soup

  8. Candied Banana Fritters

  9. Cantonese Sponge Cake

  10. Chestnut Sweet Soup

  11. Chinese Egg Tarts

  12. Chinese Fruit Salad

  13. Chinese Water Chestnut Fritters

  14. Deep Fried Adzuki Bean Rolls

  15. Deep Fried Lily Bulb in Rice Paper

  16. Dim Sum

  17. Dried Fruit Compote

  18. Fried Sesame Potato Shreds

  19. Ginger Pudding

  20. Glutinous Rice Balls with Sesame Paste

  21. Glutinous Rice Dessert with Osmanthus and Dried Fruits

  22. Glutinous Rice with Sweet Coconut Filling

  23. Longan and White Fungus Dessert

  24. Lotus Seeds En Compote

Mooncake Recipes

  1. Mini Icy Mooncake with Grape Juice Skin

  2. Mooncake with Egg York and Lotus Seed Mash

  3. Mooncake with Red Bean Mash

  4. Snow Skin Beans Delights (with Mashed Yolk) Mooncake

  5. Snow Skin Durian Coulis Mooncake

  6. Snow Skin Coffee with Chocolate Bits Mooncake

Chinese Drinks Recipes

  1. American Ginseng and Honey Tea

  2. Chrysanthemum Xia Ku Cao Tea

  3. Refreshing Floral Tea

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  1. Chinese Rice Dumpling Special - Jian Shui Zong

  2. Lotus Seed Paste Dumplings

  3. Mandarin Risotto

  4. Peking Toffee Apples

  5. Red Bean Sweet Soup with Ginkgo and Sago

  6. Fresh Ginseng Sweet Soup with Red Dates and Eggs

  7. Red Date and Quail Eggs Syrup

  8. Rice Fritters

  9. Sesame Paste Bun

  10. Steamed Honey Sponge

  11. Steamed Rice Flour with Adzuki Bean

  12. Steamed Taro Pudding

  13. Stewed Hasma in Fresh Coconut Juice

  14. Stewed Hasma with Lily Bulbs and Red Dates

  15. Stewed Honey Dew Melon in Coconut

  16. Stewed Long Life Soup

  17. Stewed Swallow Nests in Coconut Milk and Fresh Milk

  18. Sweet Rice Balls with Adzuki Bean Soup

  19. Sweet Soup with New Year Pudding

  20. Syrup with Brown Beans and Sea Moss

  21. Toffee Apples

  22. Turnip Cake

  23. White Turnip Pudding


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