Chocolate Dessert Recipes

Chocolate Dessert Recipe

As a breakfast beverage, hot or cold, in cakes or chocolates, ice cream or puddings, cocoa adds nature's nutritional goodness for health and energy. Cocoa is packed with vitamins and minerals yet contains no cholesterol.

There is nothing quite like indulging in an extra special chocolate treat - the rich consistency and ever-moreish flavor of chocolate makes it one of life's great pleasures. It might interest you to know that Theobroma, the name for the tree which yields chocolate, means 'food of the Gods'.

We all deserve a treat every now and again, and who could resist these wonderful chocolate desserts. Make them as a wonderful finale to a dinner party, or for that special afternoon tea. They are easy to prepared and delicious down to the very last bite.

  1. Amaretti Chocolate Trifle

  2. Baked Bananas with Chocolate Fudge Sauce

  3. Cherry Chocolate Balls

  4. Chocolate Almond Balls

  5. Chocolate Amaretti Peaches

  6. Chocolate Bar Brownies

  7. Chocolate Boxes

  8. Chocolate Dessert Duet

  9. Chocolate Eclairs

  10. Chocolate Eggnog Tortoni

  11. Chocolate Orange Cheesecake

  12. Chocolate Rum Pie

  13. Cocoa Bran Crunches

  14. Creamy Coffee Chocolate Pots

  15. Date Slices

  16. Flake Slice

  17. Honey Slice

  18. Peanut Bites

  19. Temptation Slice

  20. Chocolate Glaze

  21. Chocolate Madeira Cake

  22. Chocolate Peach Puffs

  23. Chocolate Pecan Whip

  24. Chocolate Profiteroles

  25. Chocolate Sienna Cake

  26. Family Chocolate Cake

  27. Fruity Chocolate Cake

  28. Chocolate Pecan Torte

  29. Chocolate Fudge Torte

  30. Fudge Wedge with Two Sauces

  31. Glazed Brownies

  32. Hazelnut Cream Meringue with Chocolate Hazelnut Sauce

  33. Hot Cocoa

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  1. Chocolate Layer Sponge

  2. Chocolate Slice

  3. Chocolate Snowdrops

  4. Dark Chocolate Cups with White Chocolate Ricotta Filling

  5. Double Chocolate Velvet Mousse

  6. Gateau Ganache with Chocolate Cream Filling

  7. Light Chocolate Cups with Chestnut Mousse

  8. Mocha Mousse Roll

  9. White Chocolate and Strawberry Gateau

  10. White Chocolate Cherry Tart

  11. White Chocolate Creams with Orange and Cranberry Sauce

  12. White Chocolate Fondu

  13. White Chocolate Souffles

  14. White and Dark Truffle Cake

  15. Mexican Chocolate

  16. Easy Chocolate Gateau

  17. Steamed Chocolate Sponge

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