White Chocolate and Strawberry Gateau Recipe

White Chocolate and Strawberry Gateau Recipes

Ingredients :





1/4 cup




packet vanilla cake mix

red food coloring


punnets strawberries, hulled


sachet plain gelatine

thickened cream

white chocolate

chocolate petals, optional

Method :
  1. Preheat oven to 180C, grease a deep 18cm round cake tin, line base with baking paper and grease paper, lightly flour.

  2. Prepare cake mix following instructions on packet, divide batter in half.

  3. Tint one portion pink, using a few drops of red food coloring.

  4. Spoon large dollops of each batter alternately into prepared tin.

  5. Drag a sharp knife through batters to create a marbled effect.

  6. Bake for 3-35 minutes until top springs back when gently pressed.

  7. Briefly cool in tin, turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely.

  8. Thinly trim dome of cake to an even level.

  9. To prepare topping: puree half the strawberries.

  10. Place in a pan with sugar and gelatine, stir over moderate heat until sugar dissolves.

  11. Simmer for 2 minutes, cool to room temperature, stirring frequently.

  12. Beat cream until stiff, fold in prepared strawberry mixture.

  13. Tape a strip of baking paper around cake to stand about 5cm above the rim.

  14. Reserve 1/3 cup topping, pour remainder onto cake.

  15. Reserve 3 of the smaller strawberries; gently push remainder into topping.

  16. Chill 15 minutes or until topping sets, remove paper.

  17. Smoothly spread reserved topping mixture over the sides of the cake.

  18. To prepare chocolate coating: cut a strip of baking paper about 62x10cm. (Strip should be as wide as the cake, including topping, is tall.)

  19. Melt white chocolate over simmering water, spread smoothly over strip, leaving a 2cm border at each end.

  20. Briefly stand until chocolate just begins to set.

  21. Quickly lift strip and wrap chocolate around cake.

  22. Slightly overlap ends and gently press to sides, smoothing evenly.

  23. Stand until set then carefully peel off paper.

  24. Prepare chocolate petals if using.

  25. Arrange petals decoratively over top of cake.

  26. Stand cake at room temperature for about 30 minutes before serving.

  27. Decorate top with remaining strawberries, as desired.

Makes 1 cake

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