Cape Gooseberries With Crème Fraîche Recipe

Cape Gooseberries With Crème Fraîche Recipes

Ingredients :


Crème Fraîche

275 ml

1 tablespoon

Cape gooseberries


double cream

cultured buttermilk

Method :

Make the crème fraîche the day before. It will keep, covered, in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks. Have both ingredients at warm room temperature. Stir the buttermilk into the cream, cover and leave in a warm room overnight, then chill. To prepare the Cape gooseberries slit the calyces from the tip almost to the base in 4 places, using small sharp scissors. Open out the sections, like flower petals, to reveal the fruit.

Arrange them on a plate.

Serve the crème fraîche in bowls, with the golden berries as a sweetmeat, on side plates.

Imported Cape gooseberries (also known as golden berries) are available - at a price! - in winter. They are an edible variety, Physalis peruviana, of the familiar garden plant known as Chinese lanterns. The small, round yellowish green fruits, too, are encased in web like calyces. As they are so spectacular they are best enjoyed in this form. Cut the calyces open like petals  of a flower. Guests can twist out the fruit.

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