Creamy Vanilla Custard with Choc-Dipped Strawberries Recipe

Creamy Vanilla Custard with Choc-Dipped Strawberries Recipes

Ingredients :




4 tbsp

1.5 cups

3 tsp


dark chocolate, melted

egg yolks

caster sugar


vanilla essence

Method :
  1. Holding the stalk of the strawberry, dip each into the melted chocolate to cover three-quarters of the strawberry.

  2. Place chocolate-dipped strawberries on baking paper and allow to harden at room temperature.

  3. Beat egg yolks with the sugar for 2 minutes.

  4. Scald the cream in a medium saucepan, slowly pour into egg mixture, whisking vigorously.

  5. Add the vanilla essence and return mixture to the saucepan.

  6. Stir over low heat until thickened, without boiling, cool slightly.

  7. Pour into serving glasses and serve with strawberries.

Serves 4

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