Dessert Sauce Recipes

Dessert Sauces Recipe

Sweet sauces is better than the icing on the cake, these dessert sauces will be in high demand. Pour them over pudding or soak them up with stollen - no matter how full you are, you will somehow find room for more.

My white sauce always turns out lumpy. What am I doing wrong ?
White sauces are made by thickening liquid with a roux, which is flour and fat cooked together into a paste. Slowly add well-sifted cake flour to butter or oil over low heat and stir constantly for a few minutes, until the smell of raw flour lessens. Gradually add warmed milk, stirring vigorously; the roux will swell and thicken, then it will thin out. After adding all the milk, cook the white sauce for 5-8 minutes, whisking frequently. If it's still lumpy, strain through a coarse sieve, or pour it into a bowl and whisk hard until smooth. Don't simmer a white sauce for too long, or the milk sugars will caramelize and darken the sauce to off-white.

  1. Apricot Sauce

  2. Blueberry Sauce

  3. Brandy Butter

  4. Butterscotch Sauce

  5. Creme Anglaise

  6. Custard Sauce

  7. Golden Citrus Sauce

  8. Lemon Sauce

  9. Liqueur Sauce

  10. Orange Sauce

  11. Rich Orange Sauce

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  1. Warm Crepes with Pears and Caramel Red Wine Sauce

  2. Whisky Sauce

  3. Yogurt Tartar Sauce

  4. Zabaglione


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