Frosted Oranges Recipes

Frosted Oranges Recipe

Ingredients :


15 ml

100 g

225 g

60 ml

large oranges

orange liqueur

black grapes, halved and seeded

low fat cottage cheese

rolled oats, toasted

Method :

Cut a very thin slice from the base of each orange so that is stands firm. Cut the top one third from each orange and carefully scoop out the fruit. Reserve the orange shells. Chop the flesh and put it into a bowl with the liqueur and grapes. Cover and chill overnight. Put the cottage cheese into a bowl, stir in the toasted oats and the fruit mixture. Pile into the orange shells, making a high mound. Serve chilled.

Serves 4

Per Serving : 170 Calories, 4 g fat, 4 g fiber.

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