Tangerine Trifle Recipe

Tangerine Trifle Recipes

Ingredients :

5 trifle sponges, halved length ways

30ml apricot conserve

15-20 ratafia biscuits

142g packet tangerine jelly

300g can mandarin oranges, drained, reserving juice

600ml ready made (or home made) custard

whipped cream and shreds of orange rind, to decorate

caster sugar, to sprinkling

Method :

Spread the halved sponge cakes with apricot conserve and arrange in the base of a deep serving bowl or glass dish. Sprinkle over the ratafia. Break up the jelly into a heatproof measuring jug, add the juice from the canned mandarins and dissolve in a pan of hot water or in the microwave. Stir until the liquid clears. Make up to 600ml with ice cold water, stir well and leave to cool for up to 30 minutes. Scatter the mandarin oranges over the cakes and ratafias.

Pour the jelly over the mandarin oranges, cake and ratafias and chill for 1 hour, or more. When the jelly has set, pour the custard over the top and chill again. When ready to serve, pipe the whipped cream over the custard. Wash the orange rind shreds, sprinkle them with caster sugar and use to decorate the trifle. An unusual variation on a traditional trifle - of course, you can add a little alcohol if you wish.

Serves 4 - 6

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