Fruits Desserts Recipes

Fruit Dessert Recipe

Fruit is immensely versatile; it is delicious served hot or cold and combines superbly with many other ingredients. There is something special about the first strawberries of the summer and the first crisp apples of the autumn. While supermarkets provide an astonishing array of fresh fruit all year round, nothing tastes quite so wonderful or succulent as newly ripened fruits in the season.

Raw fruit is the perfect snack, and nutritionists recommend eating several portions each day. However, to discover its full glory it is worth spending a little time making a special dessert. Some, such as fresh fruit salads can be ready in minutes. Others, such as sorbets and ice cream, take little time to prepare but do require time for freezing. Pie and tarts can be as elaborate or as simple as you like, and it also offers the cook an opportunity to make imaginative desserts for entertaining.

You are sure to find the ideal recipe for a really fruity dessert in, whether for a family supper, an informal lunch with friends or a sophisticated dinner party. Don't forget that recipes can often be varied using fruits in season - so enjoy the luscious flavors of fruit all year round. A salad made with fresh fruit is always refreshing and welcome, but it is especially delicious and attractive served with a pureed fruit sauce. To maximize the flavor of the fruit, allow the salad to stand at room temperature for an hour before serving.

More Fruits Dessert Recipes

Types of Fruit:

  1. Apples & Pears
  2. Citrus
  3. Soft Fruits
  4. Stone Fruits
  5. Exotic Fruits
  6. Melons, Figs & Grapes
  1. Apple and Cheese Layer

  2. Apple and Date Charlotte

  3. Apple and Prune Dominoes

  4. Apple Brown Betty

  5. Apple Crisp

  6. Baked Apples

  7. Iranian Apples

  8. Lime Apple Squares

  9. Peking Apples

  10. Stuffed Apple

  11. Apricot Creams

  12. Apricot Dessert

  13. Apricot Sizzlers

  14. Banana Dip with Fruit Crudités

  15. Banana Reveille

  16. Burgundy Bananas

  17. Campfire Banana Boats

  18. Coconut Bananas

  19. Deep Fried Banana

  20. Berries and Mascarpone

  21. Cranberry Dumplings

  22. Spicy Cranberries

  23. Blackcurrant Tapioca

  24. Brie Pears

  25. Baked Pears

  26. Deep Fried Pear

  27. Pears and Greed Grapes

  28. Poached Pears

  29. Dried Fruits in Cider

  30. Dried Fruit Variety

  31. Fruits and Nut Pilaf

  32. Fruits Crumble

  33. Fruits Filled White Crepes

  34. Fruits Fools

  35. Fruits Wake Up

  36. Mixed Fruit Mold

  37. Ruby Fruit Compote

  38. Macerated Fruit

  39. West Indian Fruit Bowl

  40. Fruity Gazpacho

  41. Steamed Fruit Dumplings

  42. Fresh Date Spoke Wheel

  43. Jack Fruit Fritters

  44. Broiled Grapefruit

  45. Grapefruit, Avocado and Prawn Medley

  46. Grilled Grapefruit

  47. Mango with Sticky Rice

  48. Coconut Oranges

  49. Grilled Oranges

  50. Orange and Date Muesli

  51. Papaya Milk Soup

  52. Papaya Ship with Fresh Fruits

  53. Baked Peaches

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  1. Peach Jelly Cake

  2. Pineapple Romanoff

  3. Pineapple with Coconut

  4. Coconut and Pineapple Pops

  5. Strawberry Starter

  6. Stuffed Rambutans

  7. Curried Melon Scoops

  8. Raspberry Melon Boats

  9. Raspberry Ring

  10. Sunset Melon

  11. Watermelon Bowl

Cold Fruits Dessert

  1. Apple Mint & Pink Grapefruit Fool

  2. Apricot & Hazelnut Meringue Roll with Apricot Brandy

  3. Coffee Pavlova with Exotic Fruits

  4. Jamaican Fruit Trifle

  5. Passion Fruit Creme Caramels with Dipped Physalis

  6. Raspberry Millefeuille

Hot Fruits Dessert

  1. Apple Souffle Omelette

  2. Apricot Panettone Pudding

  3. Bananas with Lime & Cardamom Sauce

  4. Citrus Fruit Flambé wit Pistachio Praline

  5. Coffee Crepes with Peaches Cream

  6. Lemon Raisin Drops

  7. Peach Raspberry Crumble

Fruits Salad

  1. Dried Fruit Salad

  2. Fragrant Fruit Salad

  3. Fresh Fruit with Mango Sauce

  4. Fresh Fruit Salad

  5. Fruits of the Tropics Salad

  6. Persian Melon

  7. Strawberry & Avocado Salad in Ginger & Orange Sauce

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