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Icings Recipe

Buttercreams make excellent fillings and coverings for cakes. Cakes covered with buttercream remain moist and fresh for longer than cakes left uniced. Buttercreams can range from a mixture of icing sugar, butter and flavorings to rich elaborate combinations of butter, egg yolks and sugar syrups resulting in a smooth velvety filling. The secret of making good butter creams if to use unsalted butter and to beat thoroughly until you make a light creamy mixture.

Glace icing is a shiny glossy icing which gives a simple finish to cakes and biscuit. Mix icing sugar with a little liquid, such as water, fruit juice or flavorings, and warm slightly until icing becomes smooth and runny. Pour warm icing over the cake, guiding it to give a smooth, even covering. It is important to allow icing to set undisturbed, to prevent the icing from cracking. If you wish to use glace icing for piping, avoid warming it and keep it as a firm paste.

Simple icings and buttercreams transforms plain cakes into special treats. Beautiful icing and decoration take time and patience but the results are well worth it. Glace icing and buttercream are delicious toppings for buttercakes, and you can vary their flavors by the simple addition of essences, liqueurs, chocolate or citrus. After icing your cake, add some simple decorations to make it even more tempting.

Try sugar frosted or chocolate dipped fresh seasonal fruits; use contrasting colored icings; press finely chopped nuts, toasted coconut or praline onto the sides of the cake; or decorate with very thin slices of poached orange glazed with apricot ham. These suggestions are but a few to show how, with practice and patience, you can turn the most ordinary cake into a masterpiece.

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  2. Buttercream

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  7. Vanilla Buttercream

  8. Feathered Icing

  9. Fondant Icing

  10. Glace Icing

  11. Grasshopper Cream

  12. Pastry Cream

  13. Royal Icing

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