Indian Dessert Recipes

Indian Desserts Recipe

Rosewater is the essence distilled from rose petals. Its fragrance and delicate flavor have enhanced dishes from the Middle East, India and the Balkans for thousands of years. Never a supporting cast to main meals, sweetmeats are a must for the Indian community. Creamy, rich and heavenly delicious, these sweets reflect the importance of victuals in Indian culture, especially at festivals and happy occasions.

- The Kesar Pak is made with fine grain semolina, sugar, milk, ghee and rose water.

- Athirasam, a sweet Indian doughnut made from rice flour, brown sugar and spices.

- Pal Kova is made reduced milk, is a creamy treat that takes hours to prepare.

- Almond soan papadi is a flaky, melt-in-the-mouth dessert.

- Semolina cooked with milk and ghee produces a delicious kesari.

- Soaking the flour and changing the water repeatedly produces an halva that is glossy and gelatinous.

- Laddoos are the most commonly served Indian sweetmeat.

Puri, chapati and paratha are very simple and tasty breads which even a beginner can easily made. These breads are very nutritious with wholemeal flour; and some, like chapatis, requires no oil at all for preparation. So, weight watchers, you too can have your fill!

Intro to Indian Desserts and Culture

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  1. Badami Kheer

  2. Badam Ka Halwa

  3. Besan Ladoo

  4. Carrot Halva

  5. Chapati

  6. Coconut Burfee

  7. Gajar Ka Halwa

  8. Gulab Jamun - Little milk balls that are deep-fried and soaked in rose scented syrup

  9. Jalebi - Made from urad dhall and shaped into rosettes, the jelebi is soaked in syrup before being served

  10. Kesar Sandesh

  11. Khir Rice Pudding

  12. Lavang Latika

  13. Mango Kulfi

  14. Murukku

  15. Paratha

  16. Puri

  17. Rasgoola

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  1. Rasgula

  2. Rasmalai

  3. Rice Pudding Firni

  4. Semolina Pudding (Suji Halva)

  5. Shakapare

  6. Sweet Lassi

  7. Vermicelli Pudding

  8. Yoghurt Drink (Lassi)


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