Kids Dessert Recipes

Kids Dessert Recipe

Bad moods, poor appetite and an unvaried menu, often cause children to lose interest in meal times. How to persuade children to eat is a special talent parents have. In fact, just some simple changes to the ordinary menu, with some creative thinking, will easily result in cute desserts delicacies which children will enjoy very much. The summer school holidays is often a time when parents like to give their children kids parties round the pool or out in the garden. For these occasions the dessert should be easy to serve, tasty and fun. These desserts recipes looks just nice for the kids !

  1. Almond Meringue Cake

  2. Alphabet Potato Cake

  3. Banana Clock Cake

  4. Bread Toy Car

  5. Cheesy Capsicum Pizza with Thick Wholemeal Crust

  6. Smiling Pizza

  7. Cheese Cookies

  8. Chocolate Carrot Cake

  9. Coconut Mango Ice

  10. Frozen Banana Nut Iceblocks

  11. Frozen Strawberry Mousse Cake

  12. Happy Easter Eggs

  13. Jelly Oranges

  14. Orange Sorbet

  15. Party Sandwiches

  16. Pikelet Faces

  17. Potato and Egg Salad

  18. Rabbit Cheese Cake

  19. Rabbit Mousse

  20. Strawberry Mousse

  21. Satay Chicken

  22. Sausage Bread Rolls

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  1. Sun Pancakes

  2. Strawberry Pineapple Delight

  3. Teddy Bear Chocolate Toast

  4. Three Balls Skewers

  5. Tuna Fish Rice Ball Baby

  6. Twin Cantaloupe Ham Skewer

  7. Vanilla Ice Cream

  8. Wholemeal Faces

  9. Wonderful Vegetable Bag

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