Pie Dessert Recipes

Pie Dessert Recipe

Traditional favorites with a simple pastry crust are good at any time - and those with a marshmallow meringue topping are particularly tasty. For family meals on cooler days, choose a warming cobbler, or go for the toffee-flavored Boston Banoffee Pie.

Surround cakes, pies, and tarts with fruits or whipped cream when appropriate, or lay a few sprigs of fresh mint around the platter. Lemon Curd or Lemon Spread is a delicious lemon preserve made from lemon, butter, sugar and eggs. It is ideal for filling tarts, pies and pastries. Spend some time decorating the top of your pie to give it a really spectacular appearance.

  1. Apple Pie

  2. Apple Pie with Almond Pastry

  3. Apple Turnovers

  4. Apricot and Almond Filo Pie

  5. Boston Banoffee Pie

  6. Basic Pastry

  7. Best Raisin Pie

  8. Buried Treasure Pie

  9. Brown Sugar Pie

  10. California Raisin Pie

  11. Cheese Pastry

  12. Cherry Strudel

  13. Chicken Pot Pie

  14. Corn Flake Pie Shell

  15. Crepes Orange

  16. Crumb Top Apple Pie

  17. Easy Grasshopper Pie

  18. Egg and Bacon Pie

  19. Exotic Fruit Tranche

  20. Farmhouse Fruit Pie

  21. Feta Roasted Vegetable Pie

  22. Fish Pie

  23. Gardener Pie

  24. Greek Honey Pie

  25. Hot Chocolate Pecan Pie

  26. Lamb Pie, with Pear, Ginger and Mint Sauce

  27. Lemon Meringue Pie

  28. Lemon Sour Cream Pie

  29. Luscious Lemon Pie

  30. Lentil Pie

  31. Luncheon Sandwich Pie

  32. Maple Cider Pie

  33. Mince Pies

  34. Old Fashioned Peach Pie

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  1. Park Pies

  2. Pastry for 6-inch Pies

  3. Peach and Blueberry Pie

  4. Pear & Blueberry Pie

  5. Pear Pie

  6. Pecan Pie

  7. Pumpkin Pie

  8. Rhubarb Meringue Pie

  9. Rice Pie Shell

  10. Salmon and Ginger Pie with Lemon Thyme and Lime

  11. Savoury Potato Pie in a Rice Shell

  12. Shepherd's Pie

  13. Shepherd Pie with Chestnuts

  14. Skillet Pie

  15. Sour Cream Prune Pie

  16. Strawberry Dream Pie

  17. Steak and Kidney Pie with Mustard and Bay Gravy Sauce

  18. Tamale Pie

  19. Tibetan Pie

  20. Wagon Wheel Apple Pie

  21. Yummy Yam Pie


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