Fast Foods - Sandwiches

Fast Foods - Sandwiches

One of the best-known 'fast-foods' is sandwiches, which can be as simple as bread and cheese, or more complex gourmet feasts. Whatever the case, as an athlete you can turn the simple sandwich into an important source of nutrients in your daily diet.

Starting from a basis of bread, which provides the necessary carbohydrate and fiber (extra, if you use wholegrain breads), the filling you choose can supply the vitamins, minerals and protein that make up a balanced meal.

Sandwiches can be served closed or open, toasted (possibly in an electric or camp-style sandwich maker), or layered to make club sandwiches.

Sandwich Fillings

The choice of fillings for sandwiches and rolls is limitless - only limited by what you are prepared to try.

Traditionally, the bread for sandwiches is spread with softened butter or margarine to add flavor and to prevent the bread becoming soggy. However, sandwiches are still tasty and certainly lower in fat if you leave out the butter or margarine.

Protein-plus fillings

Use small amounts of one of these protein foods:

- cold, cooked meat or chicken, shredded and finely chopped

- grated or sliced low-fat cheese

- chopped hard-boiled egg

- salmon or tuna canned in brine

Topped off with lashings of:

- shredded lettuce, sliced tomato and cucumber, grated carrot, coleslaw, sliced mushrooms, beetroot, alfalfa, finely chopped celery, tabbouleh

Combination Fillings

Cheese and...

- cottage cheese... with snipped chives or pickled dill cucumbers... or with chopped pineapple and sultanas... or with asparagus

- grated low-fat hard cheese... with grated apple and carrot, chopped celery and pecan or walnuts; bind with yogurt dressing... or with asparagus... or with mustard and black olives... or with fruit chutney and thinly sliced green apple

- ricotta cheese... with sliced cucumber, tomato, and chopped fresh basil, or with chopped celery and walnuts.

Meat or chicken and...

- chutney or mustard topped with thinly sliced cold meat of any variety

- chopped chicken, chives and parsley bound with yogurt dressing

- fruit chutney, chopped chicken and thinly sliced raw mushrooms

- chopped chicken, walnuts and celery or green pepper bound with commercial reduced calorie dressing

- wholegrain mustard, chopped lean ham and grated apple

- fruit chutney with slices of lean cooked lamb and apple

- chicken liver pate, sliced tomato and cucumber

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