Savory Breakfast Sandwich Recipe

Savory Breakfast Sandwich Recipes

Ingredients :

1 2.5 ounce Garden Sausage

olive oil spray

1 ounce low fat cheddar cheese - optional

1/4 cup egg substitute - optional

1 slice tomato

1 whole grain English muffin, toasted

salt and pepper to taste

Method :

Heat the Garden Sausage in hot skillet sprayed with olive oil spray. Approximately 3 minutes on each side will be needed. Place the cheese on top of the Garden Sausage.

Heat an additional skillet; spray with olive oil spray. If using, pour the egg substitute into the bottom of the pan as if for a small omelette. Cook the thin layer of egg until set. Flip the egg over onto itself four times.

Place the egg, Garden Sausage, cheese, and tomato on your toasted whole grain muffin and enjoy. Salt and pepper to taste. When you add our Fresh Fruit Toss to this breakfast, you have got a powerful nutritional start to your day !

If I had to choose a favorite morning sandwich, this one would top the charts in a big way. The Garden Sausage can become absolutely habit forming. It fast, easy, and it tastes sensational ! Savoring life's pleasure and taking the time to enjoy those moments between waking and sleeping can be one of our greatest rewards.

Serves 1

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