Slices Recipes

Slices Recipes

More body than biscuits and more petite than cakes, slices are fabulous for late-night suppers with coffee, or by day for school and office lunches. Whether baked or unbaked, appetizing slices keep well and are handy to have in your pantry when surprise visitors drop in .

Slices are most easily cooked in a shallow oblong or slab tin about 18 x 28cm. The tin should be well greased but there is usually no need to line the base with paper, as the slice is left in the tin until cool.

The best way to cut a slice is to cut it in half, then cut each half in half lengthways; then cut the slice in half across the width and finally cut each half into thirds. Most cake recipes can be iced while still in the tin. A 'slice' of cake is also easier to eat than a 'wedge', and is ideal for picnics.

This section includes several recipes which do not require baking. Most of these are rich with chocolate, making them ideal to serve with coffee.

  1. Almond Slices

  2. Almond Toast

  3. Anna's Continental Apple Cake

  4. Apple Cheese Scones

  5. Apricot Nibbles

  6. Apricot Slice

  7. Banana Cake

  8. Coconut Meringue Slice

  9. Date and Pecan Loaf

  10. Date Slice Delight

  11. Fantasy Slice

  12. Florentine Slice

  13. Fruity Pumpkin Bars

  14. Harlequin Pineapple Slices

  15. Lamingtons

  16. Magic Biscuit Bars

  17. Muesli Slice

  18. Neenish Tarts

  19. Peanut Crunchy Bars

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  1. Rocky Road Bars

  2. Sesame Crunch

  3. Sustainer Slices

  4. Toasted Almond Slices

  5. Toasty French Slices

  6. Toffee Apples

  7. Turkish Delight



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