Caramelized Oranges and Pineapple Recipe

Caramelized Oranges and Pineapple Recipes

Ingredients :

4 oranges

175g sugar

125ml water

1 small pineapple

Method :
  1. With a very sharp knife, remove the rind from 2 of the oranges and slice it into very fine strips.

  2. Place the rind in a pan of boiling water and simmer for 2 minutes, remove and drain well.

  3. Put the sugar and water into a saucepan and heat gently, swishing the pan constantly until the sugar is dissolved.

  4. Increase the heat and boil the syrup until turns a golden brown.

  5. Take care not to overcook the caramel as it will continue to cook in the pan once it is golden as it has reached such a high temperature. If it does get too dark, carefully add 2tbsp of water.

  6. Stand back when adding the water as the caramel spits.

  7. When it is golden, place it to one side.

  8. To peel the oranges, cut a slice off the top and bottom of each one, then place the orange on one of these cut sides and take a knife around the side of the orange, cutting away the skin and pith.

  9. Cut each orange into 6-7 slices.

  10. To prepare the pineapple, top and tail it and slice away the skin from top to bottom.

  11. Make sure that you remove the 'eyes' close to the skin.

  12. Cut the pineapple into quarters and remove the core.

  13. Cut the remaining flesh into slices.

  14. Make alternate layers of orange and pineapple in a heatproof dish, sprinkle with the orange rind, pour over the hot caramel and leave to stand until required.

Serves 4

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