Lemon Honey Granita Recipe

Lemon Honey Granita Recipes

Ingredients :

4 large or 6 medium lemons

4 tbsp water

2 tbsp clear honey

50g caster sugar

1 fresh bay leaf

450ml natural yogurt

lemon balm sprigs, to decorate

Method :
  1. Cut a slice from the base of each lemon so that it stands upright.

  2. Slice off the top of each lemon and reserve.

  3. Carefully scoop out all the pulp and juice with a teaspoon: do this over a bowl, so that no juice is wasted.

  4. Discard any white pith, skin and pips from the fruit you have removed.

  5. Sieve or liquidize the pulp and juice, need 150ml.

  6. If there is less than this, dilute it with water.

  7. Cut out excess pith from the lemon shells and from the tops, cover and set aside.

  8. Put the 4 tbsp of water into a pan with the honey, sugar, bay leaf.

  9. Stir over a low heat until the sugar has dissolved, then leave to cool.

  10. Blend with the lemon puree and the yogurt or fromage frais.

  11. Do not remove the herb at this stage.

  12. Pour into a freezing tray or shallow dish and leave until lightly frozen, then gently fork the mixture and remove the herb.

  13. Re-freeze the granita for a short time, until it is sufficiently firm to spoon into the lemon shells.

  14. Replace the tops of the lemons and place the fruit in the freezer.

  15. Transfer the granitas to the refrigerator about 20 minutes before serving.

  16. Serve decorated with sprigs of lemon balm

Serves 5

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