Summer Dessert Recipes

Summer Desserts Recipe

There is something about summer that calls for fruity, chilled desserts to finish off a meal. Deliciously light, these desserts are the perfect way to end any summer meal. Revel in their sweetness !

We think mainly of fruit desserts in the summer, yet they are excellent at any time of year. In the cooler months, serve fruits warm - pears poached in red wine make a classic dish, but try them cooked in cider for a change, or combine them with apricots and wrap in crisp layers of filo pastry. Pineapple flambé is quick to rustle up for an impromptu dessert, and the recipe for Hot Bananas with Rum and Raisins turns an everyday fruit into a exotic delight, while Clementine's in Cinnamon Caramel is quite the prettiest, simple dessert. Even in the summer, fruits can be served hot and peaches are delicious roasted with a chocolate and amaretti stuffing. But this it is the time of year for cool fruits, and the Chinese or Emerald fruit salads, or Strawberries in Spiced Graped Jelly, are all fruit desserts at their refreshing best.

  1. Almond Fruit Salad

  2. Baked Peaches with Almonds and Honey

  3. Banana Passion Fruit Millefeuille

  4. Berry Pavlovas

  5. Buttermilk Pudding

  6. Petite Summer Puddings

  7. Caramelized Oranges and Pineapple

  8. Chilled Raspberry Fool

  9. Coffee Snow Cones with Cream

  10. Cream Cheese Topping

  11. Crème Caramel

  12. Figs and Blueberries in Citrus Broth

  13. Golden Syrup Dumplings

  14. Honey Peach Crisp

  15. Lemon Honey Granita

  16. Lemon Syllabub

  17. Lime Curd Tartlets

  18. Mango and Peaches in Sauternes Jelly

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  1. Melon, Grape and Kiwi Salad

  2. Melon and Raspberries in Sauternes

  3. Papaya and Pineapple Flambe

  4. Peaches Brulee

  5. Pineapple with Rumbled Mascarpone

  6. Poached Figs in Cassis with Cinnamon Sauce

  7. Poached Pears with Honey and Cinnamon

  8. Sticky Glazed Apples

  9. Summer Berry Clafoutis

  10. Summer Berry Medley

  11. Summer Fruit Compote


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