Syrup Desserts Recipes

Syrup Desserts Recipes

Glucose syrup - also known as liquid glucose; a sugary syrup obtained from starches such as wheat and corn. Prevents sugar crystallization when used in making confectionary.

  1. Baked Quinces in Orange Syrup

  2. Fresh Figs and Dates in Saffron Syrup

  3. Fresh Fruit Syrup

  4. Honey Date Filling

  5. Mandarin Crepes with Mandarin Syrup

  6. Poached Fruit in Lime Syrup with Spun Toffee

  7. Soybean Syrup

  8. Syrup of Chinese Water Chestnut with Mung Bean Puree

  9. Syrup with Almond and Snow Fungi

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