Yogurt (Yoghurt) Desserts Recipes

Yogurt (Yoghurt) Desserts Recipes

Yogurt - A product made from curdled milk. It is acidic and less sweet than cream and has far less fat content. Used widely in cooking in sauces or as a topping and for dips.

  1. Apricot and Almond Yogurt

  2. Apricot Yoghurt Freeze

  3. BBQ Yogurt Marinated Chicken

  4. Blackberry Fool Yogurt

  5. Buckwheat Muesli

  6. Coeurs a la Creme

  7. Coconut Apples with Yogurt Custard

  8. Cucumber and Yoghurt Sauce

  9. Frozen Fruit Yoghurt Sticks

  10. Fruit and Yogurt Crepes

  11. Fruits Yogurt

  12. Green Tea Yogurt Smoothies

  13. Griddled Figs with Greek Yogurt and Honey

  14. Healthful Homemade Yogurt Cheese

  15. Muesli with Fruit and Yogurt

  16. Orange in Yogurt

  17. Organic Honey Yogurt

  18. Plum and Apple Strudel with Vanilla Yogurt

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  1. Quick Yoghurt Bread

  2. Saffron Yogurt

  3. Yoghurt Cheese Velvet

  4. Yogurt Salad Dressing



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