Harlequin Pineapple Slices Recipe

Harlequin Pineapple Slices Recipes

Ingredients :

2.5 cm thick slices of fresh peeled pineapple - do not remove center core

2 tbsp green peppermint liqueur

4 heaped tbsp soured cream

50 g pecan nuts, finely ground

4 fresh strawberries, washed, stalks left in

Method :
  1. Place pineapple slices on 4 individual plates and coat with liqueur.
  2. Top with soured cream and shower with the pecans.
  3. Garnish each with a strawberry.

Try these with an American Style meal of burgers and jacket potatoes topped with butter or margarine. They are splendidly rich yet piquant at the same time, a most unusual accompaniment.

Serves 4 - 6

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