Strawberry and Yogurt Ice Recipe

Strawberry and Yogurt Ice Recipes

Ingredients :

125g caster sugar

300ml water

375g strawberries

300ml strawberry yogurt

1 egg white

150ml double or whipping cream

Method :
  1. Combine sugar and water, heat to dissolve the sugar, boil rapidly until the thread stage is reach.

  2. The thread stage temperature is 225F on a sugar thermometer: to test without a thermometer, remove a little of the syrup with a small spoon and allow it fall from the spoon on to a dish, the syrup should form a fine thread.

  3. Reserve 4 strawberries for decoration, slice the remainder and put them into a food processor with the syrup.

  4. Blend for a few seconds, pour the puree into a bowl.

  5. Stir the yogurt into the strawberries and pour into a 1.2 liter freezerproof container.

  6. Freeze for 120 minutes, stir until mushy.

  7. Spoon the strawberry mixture into a mixing bowl and put the egg white and cream into 2 bowls.

  8. Beat the egg white until it is stiff but not too dry.

  9. Whisk the cream until it forms soft peaks, and whisk the strawberry mixture until smooth.

  10. Turn the egg white and cream into the strawberry mixture, gently fold all 3 together until smoothly blended.

  11. Return to the container, freeze for 180 minutes until the ice cream setting round the edges.

  12. Spoon to a bowl and whisk again until smooth and light.

  13. Pour the ice cream back to container, cover, freeze for 6 hours.

  14. Transfer the ice cream to refrigerator 40 minutes before serving to soften slightly.

  15. Ready to serve with reserved strawberries.

Serves 5

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