Frozen Desserts Recipes

Frozen Dessert Recipe

Summer days stretch ahead of you, but these fruity ice blocks will give you all the relief you need from the heat. They will keep for up to a few weeks, but they taste so good it is certain they won't last that long. Nutty flavored shortbread with a hint of spices and lemon is delicious at teatime, but is also a good accompaniment to fruit and ices.

Chilled desserts not only look wonderful, they have the added advantage of being prepared in advance, so recipes such as Lemon Soufflé with Blackberries, Rose Petal Cream, and Ginger and Orange Crème Brulee are ideal to make when you are entertaining. Meringues are perfect for parties and can be cooked a week or two before you need them, then filled just before serving - there are three gorgeous recipes to choose from. Preparing ahead is a boon for everyday meals too, and Tangerine Trifle and Crème Caramel are both delicious family treats.

  1. Apple Lime Cooler

  2. Blackberry and Apple Romanoff

  3. Blackberry Brown Sugar Meringue

  4. Chocolate Almond Slices

  5. Chocolate Snaps

  6. Chocolate Viennese Shortbreads

  7. Cold Mango Soufflés Topped with Toasted Coconut

  8. Crème Caramel

  9. Iced Chocolate and Nut Gateau

  10. Lemon Snow

  11. Lemon Spearmint Ice with Fresh Berries

  12. Mango Raspberry Fool

  13. Pineapple and Strawberry Pavlova

  14. Snow Capped Apples

  15. Snowy Mountain

  16. Strawberry Semi Freddo

Sherbet Desserts

  1. Coffee Sherbet

  2. Frosted Oranges

  3. Nectarine Sherbet

  4. Orange Apricot Sherbet

  5. Pink Velvet Sherbet

  6. Redcurrant Sherbet

  7. Three Fruit Sherbet

Sorbet Desserts Recipes

  1. Banana and Raspberry Sorbets

  2. Lemon Sorbet with Raspberry Puree

  3. Lemon Tequila Sorbet

  4. Lychee Sorbet

  5. Mango and Passion Fruit Sorbet

  6. Pear and Peach Champagne Sorbet

  7. Raspberry Sorbet

  8. Raspberry Sorbet with Spearmint

  9. Strawberry Sorbet

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Fresh Fruit Ice Blocks

  1. Apple and Hazelnut Short Cake

  2. Berry Ice Blocks

  3. Frozen Fruit

  4. Frozen Mango Lassi

  5. Mango and Raspberry Ice Blocks

  6. Ginger and Lychee Ice Blocks

  7. Iced Pear Terrine with Calvados & Chocolate Sauce

  8. Nectarine Baked Alaska

  9. Peach and Yoghurt Ice Blocks

  10. Peach Orange Frost

  11. Peach Cardamom Yogurt Ice

  12. Pineapple and Mint Ice Blocks

  13. Quick Cranberry Ice

  14. Raspberry Meringue Gateau

  15. Rose Petal Cream

  16. Strawberry and Yogurt Ice

  17. Tangerine Trifle

  18. Watermelon and Kiwi Fruit Ice Blocks

  19. Watermelon Sorbet


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