Ice Cream Desserts Recipes

Ice Cream Dessert Recipe

There is nothing nicer than a cool, refreshing ice-cream or sorbet for dessert and these recipes are simply delicious. If you don't have an ice-cream machine you can still make them easily. Turn your freezer compartment to maximum. Place prepared mixture into a freezer-proof container. Cover with foil and place in the freezer and allow to partially freeze. Remove and transfer to a mixing bowl and beat with an electric mixer to break up ice crystals. Replace into freezer container, place back into the freezer and allow to semi-freeze again. Repeat beating process, then freeze until solid. Place into refrigerator 20 minutes before serving to allow to soften.

Ice creams and frozen desserts will keep perfectly in the freezer for weeks, if not months - simple ice creams flavored with mango, toasted breadcrumbs or flakes of chocolate will delight your family, while Strawberry Mousse Cake and Iced Chocolate and Nut Gateau are perfect desserts to have on hand for unexpected guests.

  1. Almond Honey Ice Cream

  2. Banana Ice Cream on Cinnamon Tortillas with Caramel Sauce

  3. Blackberry Ice Cream

  4. Black Glutinous Rice with Ice Cream

  5. Brown Bread Ice Cream

  6. Cardamom and Nut Ice Cream

  7. Chestnut Ice Cream

  8. Chocolate Brandy Ice Cream

  9. Chocolate Flake Ice Cream

  10. Coconut Ice Cream

  11. Coffee and Brandy Ice Cream

  12. Cranberry and Cottage Cheese Ice Cream

  13. Custard Ice Cream Terrine with Date Syrup

  14. Edwardian Ice Cream

  15. Frozen Passion Fruit Cream

  16. Hazelnut Ice Cream

  17. Honey Vanilla Ice Cream

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  1. Iceberg Platter

  2. Ice Cream Trifle

  3. Lychee Sorbet

  4. Mango and Papaya Ice Cream

  5. Mango Ice Cream

  6. Pineapple Ice Cream

  7. Poppy Seed Scone with Fresh Fruit and Ice Cream

  8. Red Bean Ice Cream

  9. Strawberry Ice Cream

  10. Vanilla Ice Cream

  11. Watermelon Sorbet


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