Christmas Desserts Recipes

Christmas Dessert Recipe

It's that time of the year again where food is aplenty and good cheer presides. For those who are planning a Christmas fare at home, here are some yummy dessert recipes. To make life easier for yourself over the busy Christmas, try to prepare as much as you can in advance and finish off, or reheat, on the day. Planning is essential: draw up lists, give yourself ample time to shop and don't forget to allow time to pick up last-minute fresh foods. Make full use of your freezer, too - desserts, pastries and stuffings, can all be made ahead and frozen.

On the big day, allow yourself plenty of time, stay calm and don't be afraid to draft in the rest of the family to help. All this should give you freedom to enjoy the company of family and friends to the full. Some people wouldn't dream of celebrating Christmas without a pudding or glazed ham, mince pies, or even a gingerbread house.

  1. Almond Wafer Rolls

  2. Boiled Fruit Cake

  3. Boiled Pudding

  4. Brandy Snaps

  5. Brunsli

  6. Cherry and Nut Christmas Cake

  7. Cherry Clafoutis

  8. Cherry Fruitcake

  9. Classic Cheesecake

  10. Compote of Spiced Fruit

  11. Cream Roses

  12. Easy Fruitcake

  13. Chocolate Yule Log

  14. Christmas Cake

  15. Christmas Pudding

  16. Christmas Stollen

  17. Christmas Wreath

  18. Cranberry Sauce

  19. Creamed Egg Tartlets with Roe

  20. Dancing Ladies Charlotte

  21. Eggnog Cereal Topper

  22. Apple Fruit Mince Tarts

  23. Caramel Nut Tarts

  24. Fresh Fruit Mince Tarts

  25. Fruit Jellies

  26. Fruit Pudding for Christmas

  27. Golden Steamed Pudding

  28. Ginger Spice Biscuits

  29. Gingerbread Christmas Tree

  30. English Trifle

  31. Ginger Trifle

  32. Raspberry Sponge Trifles

  33. Liqueur Praline Truffles

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  1. Loafer's Classic English Trifle

  2. Mince Pies

  3. Minced Pies

  4. Moist Rice Christmas Cake

  5. Panforte

  6. Panettone

  7. Poached Pears in Port Syrup

  8. Poached Pears in Saffron Citrus Syrup

  9. Scottish Shortbread

  10. Shortbread Bells

  11. Smoked Salmon Tartlets

  12. Stollen

  13. Strawberries in Drambuie

  14. Store Bought Christmas Pudding with Rum Cream

  15. Swiss Roll

  16. Traditional Christmas Puddings

  17. White Chocolate Lemon Truffles

  18. White Christmas

  19. Yule Log

Dips and Dippers - Christmas

  1. Crisp Lavash Bread

  2. Puff Pastry Twists

  3. Quick Caviar Dip

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